Chapter 13: Registering for 9th Grade

We met with the registrar, her assistant and Bradley’s counselor yesterday. He’s going back to public school after a year of online school (during which he came out as trans and started transitioning). Some of his friends knew, but he heard other kids say some not so friendly things about LGBT kids.

There seemed to have been some concerns about the birth name potentially called during roll if there was a substitute and we weren’t sure how P.E. would go or if we had other options there.

Good news is-

They want to make Bradley as comfortable as possible. They offered for him to use the faculty locker room and bathrooms and said they would talk to the teachers about informing their substitutes. We feel so much better about this being a smooth transition. ❤️

I went in prepared to let my Mama Dragon out, but I didn’t have to. Change is good.


Chapter 12: Christmas

I’m so sorry this is so late. 😕 Things got really busy between Christmas and March. I also started another blog last week that’s about our whole family and me letting my inner dork out, having fun and being silly at times. (Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you the link)

As Christmas approached, Bradley started to get anxiety. He refused to open any presents that didn’t have his new name on it. I kindly reminded everyone (through our Bradley update FB page) to please put the new name on the gifts and crossed my fingers.

I told Bradley that he could bring his own labels with his name on them and he could always slap them on if someone messed up.

Everyone did great though! I was above and beyond impressed and proud of our families. Even Grandma who hadn’t been around our situation much was very good with the new name and pronouns, even got Bradley boy pajamas and a boy teddy bear. (Each grandchild gets a bear and jammies each year) She even assured Bradley that she loved him no matter what.

Even those still struggling with the new name and pronouns, made an extra effort for Christmas. (And seems to be good since) It really made it an awesome Christmas for Bradley and for Mom. 😊 I didn’t have to be in protect and correct mode. That’s true, unconditional love! ❤️ And what better time to experience that than Christmas.

Chapter 11: Dr Visit (preferred name & pronouns)

I have a paper printed out for Dr. Visits, etc. for Bradley (basically a request for preferred name and pronouns). I turned in the paper with our insurance and other info.

We waited about 10 minutes.

They called out the birth name. I gently corrected her. She apologized and said she didn’t understand which name to call by looking at the sheet (not my paper). No problem.

5 minutes later, there’s a knock on the door. The manager (?) asked the nurse (P/A?) if she could read this and handed her the paper. She was pretty rude and basically yelled at the lady and told her HIS name is Bradley and his pronouns are HE! She apologized that the wrong name was used and that one of the girls up front was in tears over it. She told me to let me know if there were any other issues.

Yikes! I felt bad for the lady. I told her they didn’t need to yell at her like that in front of us (after the other lady left). She was really cool and ended up in tears, telling us she accepts Bradley as they are and that if she didn’t accept him, she wouldn’t accept half her family. She said she’s so glad it’s 2017 and that Bradley can be his true self. She said she tries to teach her kids to be accepting with LBGT people. She even hugged us. She apologized again, but she didn’t need to. She also asked Bradley about their name and how cool it was to be able to choose your own name.

She also said she thought he was courageous. We were all crying!

Everyone else who came in used the name Bradley and the doctor even referred to him as my son. Overall, it was a great experience. I really like the people there. We’ve been there twice, but this was Bradley’s first time.

Chapter 10: Ch ch ch changes

Not a lot has changed recently, I just wanted to talk about change in general. It does take time and overall it can be a lot to take in and adjust to. (Supporting someone who is trans)

A thought occurred to me though the other night as I thought of where we are now. The sooner you try to change, the sooner you can adjust and be at a better place. For example, pronouns and preferred names. And also, the sooner the person can feel validated and accepted, which is the most important thing!

The other night we went to a wedding reception of an old friend that hubby and I both went to school with. Our youngest was the only one that went with us. I meant to talk to my husband about how to introduce them, but it didn’t happen.

My heart almost burst when he introduced them as his son Bradley, without a beat.

Not my trans son (or my daughter), not this is Bradley that used to be Melanie. This is something he once said he would never do. Happy tears. 😭

Chapter 10: Family support, coming out and a name change

(Shoot this post has been sitting for almost a month. I guess I was hung up on something and never addressed it- using real names vs fake. Let’s finish it and get it published.

One night I was driving home after talking to my dad and stepmom about where we were with Mel being trans. I envisioned this circular wall of love and support being built to protect this brave child/teenager. I know everyone’s at different levels of support, but even the slightest bit of support is built into this wall.

I mentioned the other day/post that I decided it was time to tell more extended family. I wasn’t exactly sure how, but I typed up a letter. I made sure it was okay with Mel and got their approval in the actual letter too.

I sent it out to 2 people at first. Mel kept asking if I had told everyone and what did they say? I finally decided to create a private FB group with those I felt inclined to share with and have it be a place to support Mel. I even encouraged notes of support and love (if they wanted to). So far, so good! We’ve gotten a few.

I explained a little about our journey and how although it wasn’t always easy, we fully support Mel now and what the future holds. I also shared some pictures of our family at Pride. I mentioned Mel’s preferred name and pronouns and that they may request a different name in the future. Well, 2 nights ago Mel asked me if we could start calling them Bradley.

When hubby and I were talking about having one more baby and letting it happen if it were meant to be, we wanted the middle name to be Wayne after hubby’s brother who had passed away in 1997. I actually had a very spiritual conversation with Wayne in 2003 and he told me he would be honored for us to name a baby after him. I got pregnant shortly after, maybe a month or two. Anyway, if Mel had been assigned male at birth, his name would have been Bradley Wayne. When requesting the name Bradley, Mel was very sweet and thoughtful in “including” us. Proud mama moment. ❤️

Also, we cuddled last night while watching I am Jazz. (Per Bradley’s request) I wanted to take a pic of us, but I just enjoyed the moment.

Hubby even tried out the new name to their sibling the other night. He said Bradley needs to mow the lawn. Sister  said Who’s Bradley? Lol

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, forgive me if I have- when each baby was born, my doctor sent a ceramic baby bootie with name, date and stats. Mel of course received a pink girly bootie. I ordered a blue bootie that says Jesus Loves Me on it. It was a surprise for Mel. When it arrived, they had me write their (new) name on the bottom of the shoe. 💙

Sorry this post is so long/ one more thing:

I “came out” as a mom of a trans kid on Instagram a few weeks ago. I’ve received nothing but love and support. 😊❤️

Chapter 9: Pride, Encircle, Catching Up

I think I can get us pretty caught up in this post!

We attended Pride as a family in June. It was amazing! We went to the festival on Saturday and I hugged at the Mormons Building Bridges Booth and the Mama Dragons Booth. So much love was felt and given in each hug. I even got glitter bombed. Lol

There were plenty of awesome booths to check out. I had ordered shirts for Mel and I to wear. Mine said “Be a better parent. Support LGBT youth”. Mel’s shirt said “Trans Lives Matter.”

We marched in the parade on Sunday with Salt Lake City Comic Con! That was awesome! I went as Wonder Woman and had a sign that said Don’t Wonder. Just Love.

Mel went as Deadpool and had a trans flag as a cape. Their sign was from Lady Gaga’s song, Hair “I’ve had enough, this is my prayer- I’ll die living just as free as my hair.”

Mel’s sister went as Harley Quinn. Her sign was from a song as well from Panic At The Disco “Girls love girls and boys.” I thought they both did great with their signs.

Mel’s brother went as his version of the Joker from Batman. I don’t think he had a sign.

Oh man, I have so many pictures to share. I wanted to keep this blog anonymous/private, but I’m so tempted to share pictures!

Our life is pretty great right now. We have lots of LGBT activities going on. Usually at least one a week, sometimes 2 or 3!

Mel goes to an amazing LGBT youth group/center every week. There is so much love and acceptance there. I’ve met so many awesome youth and parents, volunteers, etc. I seriously love our life right now! The community here is awesome.

My parents have been pretty great. My mom has been wonderful. It took her some time and some adjusting, but she’s been great with Mel and has even attended some LGBT activities with us.

I’ll go ahead and share a spiritual experience I had just last week. I went out to breakfast with some amazing Mama Dragons, a Dragon Dad and an awesome ally. This is what I shared in one of the parent groups I’m in-

Oh my gosh.

I have to share this. Breakfast was awesome. As I left, I was thinking again how you all are my ward, how I’m inactive and a coffee drinker/heathen. Ha ha

And right after I thought that I was overcome with warmth, that I’m so grateful for all of you, that I do have my own testimony and I was told without a doubt, that HF is proud of me! And then I had a good cry.

I know He is proud of you all too! ❤️

Chapter 8: Miracles/progress

I’ve been trying to catch up with each chapter to get to where we are now. (In correct order of the journey)

I still have more to write, but I have to pause and be current, in the now!

I just wrote about pronouns yesterday. A few weeks ago hubby and I got into an argument about pronouns and he just wasn’t seeing the “big deal” or even the “big picture”. It got very heated and I knew I had to give it time before things got worse. He basically said that he wouldn’t use male pronouns or stop calling Mel, Melanie (full “female” name” until it was “official”. (Mel being trans)

That’s all Mel has asked of us, to just call her Mel, not Melanie. Mel has been pretty lax on pronouns, but would prefer they/them, he/him. They get that it will take time and that she/her is a 13 year habit.

I did tell him, just like he doesn’t like being called Dude, Mel doesn’t like being called Melanie.

Hubby has been supportive in other ways.

Over the weekend we went to a huge family party where an uncle was commenting how much they like Mel’s short hair and how much it suits them. Hubby finally said something like, “Do you understand why it’s short?” Uncle said no and I’m not sure exactly what hubby said, other than something to the effect of Mel being trans. Awhile back, hubby said if anyone had an issue with it, they wouldn’t be in our lives until they were ok with it. Of course we hoped that no one would have an issue and we hoped we wouldn’t lose certain people that we were close to. Hubby worried about this uncle, because he really likes him. Well, he didn’t seem to have any issues with it! Phew! What a relief. I also told a niece who shrugged it off as no big deal.

Also, Mel’s older sister has been working on using male pronouns. She did it in front of grandma at the party. This grandma vaguely knows a little about what’s going on with Mel. Grandma picked up on it and asked sister how she felt about it, sister said she was fine with it, neutral. (I need to name Mel’s siblings for the blog. Lol)

I’m ready to tell the rest of the family and have typed up a letter with Mel’s stamp of approval.

So anyway, yesterday hubby was referring to Mel and said she and then he. Oh my gosh, I about fell over. It came out of nowhere. Then we had taken the kids out back to school shopping and he referred to Mel as her/him at least twice. I don’t know if he was correcting himself or trying it out or what, but it was beautiful progress! 😃❤️

Mel didn’t hear any of it, but I told them and they were very happy and shocked.

Now, I need to work on it…

Chapter 7: Pronouns, Dude!

So, I’m trying to be a good mom and trying to use more masculine terms for Mel. For awhile that led to me using Dude a lot, so much that I accidentally was calling hubby Dude. Oops. Yeah, he wasn’t digging it. Lol

I’m still struggling with pronouns. I get frustrated with myself sometimes. I try to be neutral and use they or just Mel when talking to others. At home, it’s more laid back still and honestly we’re still using she most of the time. Why is it such a big deal for me? 13 years of habit? Because it’s not “official”? Because they’re still young? Because hubby isn’t trying?

Mel hasn’t really asked us to change pronouns at home, just the shortened name, so that’s part of it.

I don’t have any trouble with other trans people and their pronouns. Easy peasy. That’s why I get so frustrated. Why can’t it be so simple with my own child?

I think I’ll get there, but with hubby not ready or willing right now, it makes it harder. 😕

Chapter 6: Finding Mama Dragons

So, now what? Our youngest child had told us that she was transgender. (Ftm or female to male, “born female”, but identifies as male)

Some days it was no big deal, other days I was in tears and an emotional wreck. Some days I felt physically exhausted. This was new territory. It was so different with it being our child, our baby girl.

Why was it so easy with her being “gay” (pansexual)? Why was this different?

Hubby and I were struggling. We were at a loss. We told a few family members and a therapist. No one really had much advice.

Shortly after our lovely incident with Mel’s psychiatrist (see chapter 5), I started searching. I wasn’t sure what I was searching for. Some sort of sign, guidance, advice. Even though we were inactive and didn’t agree with everything in the church, it was still a part of us. We still had values. I searched something like “LDS LGBT” on FB. It came up with an old post a friend had shared, it was a Mama Dragons video. I bawled! There was a whole community of Mormon moms with LGBT kids and they were supportive and accepting of their kids. It was beautiful and just what I needed to find.

I looked up Mama Dragons on FB. There was a page and a group. 😍 I joined the group, read a few posts, and eventually introduced myself. I was welcomed and shown love and support! It was overwhelmingly beautiful. My prayers (unspoken & spoken) were answered. I soon had a perspective shift as I read more stories of families like ours. It was almost a physical shift, I felt it deep inside. There was a lot of crying that week, and a lot of growth. I had found my tribe and I didn’t  even know how bad I needed to find them until I did.

I was soon introduced to other groups. It was amazing!!! We’re all in different stages in our journey and faith, some have even left the faith or were never LDS, but the common ground is love and support!

I didn’t know where to begin or how to fill my husband in, but I needed to bring him up to my level. I didn’t want to get too far ahead and have a huge gap between us. Remember, we were both struggling, only now I wasn’t. I was ok with it all. Even at peace.

One night, I did my best to fill him in, through tears.  I knew he wouldn’t understand 100% or be at the same level of acceptance as I was right away. I did get him to be ok with getting Melanie a chest binder. A few days later we had another chat and I told him we needed to let her know where we were with all this.

We were getting ready to go to Supercross as a family and I had a thought. I had something that could possibly act as somewhat of a binder. I talked to hubby and we called Melanie into our bedroom. I thought how cool would it be for her to go to Supercross feeling a little more masculine? I had already told her about the Mama Dragons and that I was doing better with things. Now it was hubby’s turn.

He didn’t say what I expected him to say. He didn’t seem to be quite at the level I thought he was at. He told her that he loved her and that she would always be his little girl, that he could never call her his son or he. However, he said he accepted her and would protect her and stick up for her. He said if anyone in the family didn’t accept her, that she didn’t have to be around them until they did. It was progress! We told her she could get a binder. What I had didn’t quite work out, but our child was happy! Such a small thing, but it was a huge step. There were tears and hugs as we talked. It felt so good. I don’t think I felt like we were losing her anymore. In fact my thinking was- I would much rather have her as a son, than lose a daughter to suicide or have her withdraw or cut us out of her life because we didn’t support her.

Everything changed that week for the better. I’m so grateful to have found the groups and resources when I did, when I needed them the most. I can’t wait to update you on what life is like for us now.

You too can find Mama Dragons-<<<<<

Also check out the Mama Dragons Story Project, its amazing!< em>

Here’s something else that helped me tremendously, specifically with Mel being trans-< em>

Chapter 5: Not that kind of binder, Mom

* I will remind you to please keep an open mind as you read my blog and try not to judge. There may be more to the story you don’t know and this is only one chapter of the story. We are months past this chapter now.  I’m just trying to tell the story in its entirety, feelings and all at the time it happened. It’s not always easy to be raw and real. Sadly, I think we’ll be judged either way. Some will judge is for not being more accepting, others will judge us for being too accepting.*

I guess I kind of knew something in the back of my mind. I guess the hints and clues were starting to sink in. I remember talking about someone on FB & IG who does videos and was trans, but didn’t feel like they could be their authentic self. We could talk about these things, I was fairly open about these things, one of our favorite shows was the Fosters which dealt with all kinds of LGBT issues. I watched I am Cait.

I thought I was a pretty accepting ally. (Plus, we accepted her with open arms, no problem when we found out she was gay/lesbian/pansexual)

One day the kids and I were going somewhere together. My 17 year old was driving and I was sitting in back with my youngest. (I need to give her a name, so I don’t keep referring to her as my daughter or my child or my youngest. Let’s call her Melanie, one of her favorite singers)

We’re chatting and Melanie brings up the person I was talking about earlier who does the videos and is trans. She says, I’m like that. I feel like I’m a boy. Oh, okay. I was pretty calm and I guess it wasn’t really a huge surprise. I felt I reacted very well. I didn’t make a big deal about it. I may have said a few things, providing some possible insight of why she might feel that way.

I believe my husband also knew about the hints, but I told him she had actually said it. We didn’t fully get it though. We didn’t really see it. We saw her dressing like a guy, but we didn’t think she “acted” like a guy. We figured maybe she was just a Tomboy or “Butch” since she did like girls. Deep down we struggled with it. We felt like we were losing our baby girl in so many ways. It was so different when we were talking about our child.

Again I thought, is this a trend, is it a phase? Is it because her friends are LGBT? She even had a trans friend. Was she just trying to for in? Was it because of the music she listened to, the videos she watched? They were all huge LGBT supporters and always talking about the community.

We tried to be kind and loving, but we questioned things. Had she been sexually abused?  Was it because she didn’t have a good relationship with her dad? Was she just confused? Why were labels so important? Why trans, why not just a Tomboy? What do we do about sleepovers now that she likes girls and feels like she’s a boy?

One night I get a text from Melanie:

So, I had her come into the living room and talk to her dad and I about it. We didn’t feel like it was a good idea. We didn’t think she should do anything permanent at such a young age (13). She wasn’t happy and stomped off. 😞

We continued to struggle and I didn’t know where to turn. There was a lot of contention. At least hubby and I were on the same page.

Melanie had been to her psychiatrist once and I had mixed feelings about him. The first time she met him was right after she had told us she felt like a boy. He was wearing a Trans Lives Matters t-shirt underneath his button up shirt. It was great that he was supportive (for her sake), but what about us, the parents?

The next appointment with him, I told my husband to meet us. Another therapist made us feel like it would be better if dad was more involved, that it could indeed help if there was a better father/daughter relationship.

We were totally thrown under the bus at that appointment. Dad was put on the spot and asked how he would feel if Melanie told him she was a boy. Hubby said he would feel like he was losing his baby girl, I agreed. The psychiatrist brought up the binder. We said we didn’t feel like it was a good idea, that we didn’t even know if it was safe. He thought it was a good idea and to even told us where to get hormones. We left upset. We felt like who were the parents, him or us? Why would he say all that in front of her and put us on the spot like that? Didn’t he hear what we said? Didn’t he know that we were struggling with this? The only thing I did agree with was that Melanie was cute either way, a beautiful girl or a handsome guy.

Looking back, I feel like I was being prepared for this. As I mentioned earlier, I watched I am Cait and the Fosters and felt nothing but love. I remember seeing previews for another reality show about a transgender child and thinking how hard that must be, but again feeling love. I’m pretty sure I even thought anytime I heard a story like that, that I would love my child the same. It was harder and different with my own child at first though. I guess I just didn’t see the signs. I didn’t feel prepared at the time. I didn’t have the right tools, the right non existent manual.

*This chapter was really hard to write and probably hard for some to read. I only include it to tell the whole story and to let others know they aren’t alone if they feel/felt the same way. Keep reading, it gets better.