School started back up and our daughter was starting 7th grade/middle school. She was excited to go at first. After awhile, it was harder to get her up and on the bus in time. Sometimes it was just a struggle, just hard to even wake her up. (She would be REALLY ORNERY or just have a really hard time waking up) Other times, she wasn’t feeling well. Sometimes I worried that she had severe anxiety that was making her physically sick. Other times, she had a migraine or a cold, something I could pinpoint.

School was a struggle in general. Grades were slipping.

We got an appointment with a wonderful psychologist and had some testing done. She was ADHD (almost off the charts, no doubt about it) and bipolar. We had to treat the bipolar first.  She started seeing a psychiatrist and started meds.

I still felt like there was some sneaking around. Not so much physically, but online. It was like I still didn’t know my child, like they had this other life online. I would see her post things every now and then that hinted that she was a boy. I didn’t get it. (Even though she had the boyish haircut and had been wearing “guy clothes” for about a year)


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