So, I’m trying to be a good mom and trying to use more masculine terms for Mel. For awhile that led to me using Dude a lot, so much that I accidentally was calling hubby Dude. Oops. Yeah, he wasn’t digging it. Lol

I’m still struggling with pronouns. I get frustrated with myself sometimes. I try to be neutral and use they or just Mel when talking to others. At home, it’s more laid back still and honestly we’re still using she most of the time. Why is it such a big deal for me? 13 years of habit? Because it’s not “official”? Because they’re still young? Because hubby isn’t trying?

Mel hasn’t really asked us to change pronouns at home, just the shortened name, so that’s part of it.

I don’t have any trouble with other trans people and their pronouns. Easy peasy. That’s why I get so frustrated. Why can’t it be so simple with my own child?

I think I’ll get there, but with hubby not ready or willing right now, it makes it harder. 😕


2 thoughts on “Chapter 7: Pronouns, Dude!

  1. I think it’s the getting used to it. With other people, you probably didn’t know them before. Mel had been in your life from birth as a she. I’m sure it will come. 💙💖


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