I think I can get us pretty caught up in this post!

We attended Pride as a family in June. It was amazing! We went to the festival on Saturday and I hugged at the Mormons Building Bridges Booth and the Mama Dragons Booth. So much love was felt and given in each hug. I even got glitter bombed. Lol

There were plenty of awesome booths to check out. I had ordered shirts for Mel and I to wear. Mine said “Be a better parent. Support LGBT youth”. Mel’s shirt said “Trans Lives Matter.”

We marched in the parade on Sunday with Salt Lake City Comic Con! That was awesome! I went as Wonder Woman and had a sign that said Don’t Wonder. Just Love.

Mel went as Deadpool and had a trans flag as a cape. Their sign was from Lady Gaga’s song, Hair “I’ve had enough, this is my prayer- I’ll die living just as free as my hair.”

Mel’s sister went as Harley Quinn. Her sign was from a song as well from Panic At The Disco “Girls love girls and boys.” I thought they both did great with their signs.

Mel’s brother went as his version of the Joker from Batman. I don’t think he had a sign.

Oh man, I have so many pictures to share. I wanted to keep this blog anonymous/private, but I’m so tempted to share pictures!

Our life is pretty great right now. We have lots of LGBT activities going on. Usually at least one a week, sometimes 2 or 3!

Mel goes to an amazing LGBT youth group/center every week. There is so much love and acceptance there. I’ve met so many awesome youth and parents, volunteers, etc. I seriously love our life right now! The community here is awesome.

My parents have been pretty great. My mom has been wonderful. It took her some time and some adjusting, but she’s been great with Mel and has even attended some LGBT activities with us.

I’ll go ahead and share a spiritual experience I had just last week. I went out to breakfast with some amazing Mama Dragons, a Dragon Dad and an awesome ally. This is what I shared in one of the parent groups I’m in-

Oh my gosh.

I have to share this. Breakfast was awesome. As I left, I was thinking again how you all are my ward, how I’m inactive and a coffee drinker/heathen. Ha ha

And right after I thought that I was overcome with warmth, that I’m so grateful for all of you, that I do have my own testimony and I was told without a doubt, that HF is proud of me! And then I had a good cry.

I know He is proud of you all too! ❤️


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