(Shoot this post has been sitting for almost a month. I guess I was hung up on something and never addressed it- using real names vs fake. Let’s finish it and get it published.

One night I was driving home after talking to my dad and stepmom about where we were with Mel being trans. I envisioned this circular wall of love and support being built to protect this brave child/teenager. I know everyone’s at different levels of support, but even the slightest bit of support is built into this wall.

I mentioned the other day/post that I decided it was time to tell more extended family. I wasn’t exactly sure how, but I typed up a letter. I made sure it was okay with Mel and got their approval in the actual letter too.

I sent it out to 2 people at first. Mel kept asking if I had told everyone and what did they say? I finally decided to create a private FB group with those I felt inclined to share with and have it be a place to support Mel. I even encouraged notes of support and love (if they wanted to). So far, so good! We’ve gotten a few.

I explained a little about our journey and how although it wasn’t always easy, we fully support Mel now and what the future holds. I also shared some pictures of our family at Pride. I mentioned Mel’s preferred name and pronouns and that they may request a different name in the future. Well, 2 nights ago Mel asked me if we could start calling them Bradley.

When hubby and I were talking about having one more baby and letting it happen if it were meant to be, we wanted the middle name to be Wayne after hubby’s brother who had passed away in 1997. I actually had a very spiritual conversation with Wayne in 2003 and he told me he would be honored for us to name a baby after him. I got pregnant shortly after, maybe a month or two. Anyway, if Mel had been assigned male at birth, his name would have been Bradley Wayne. When requesting the name Bradley, Mel was very sweet and thoughtful in “including” us. Proud mama moment. ❤️

Also, we cuddled last night while watching I am Jazz. (Per Bradley’s request) I wanted to take a pic of us, but I just enjoyed the moment.

Hubby even tried out the new name to their sibling the other night. He said Bradley needs to mow the lawn. Sister  said Who’s Bradley? Lol

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this, forgive me if I have- when each baby was born, my doctor sent a ceramic baby bootie with name, date and stats. Mel of course received a pink girly bootie. I ordered a blue bootie that says Jesus Loves Me on it. It was a surprise for Mel. When it arrived, they had me write their (new) name on the bottom of the shoe. 💙

Sorry this post is so long/ one more thing:

I “came out” as a mom of a trans kid on Instagram a few weeks ago. I’ve received nothing but love and support. 😊❤️


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