Not a lot has changed recently, I just wanted to talk about change in general. It does take time and overall it can be a lot to take in and adjust to. (Supporting someone who is trans)

A thought occurred to me though the other night as I thought of where we are now. The sooner you try to change, the sooner you can adjust and be at a better place. For example, pronouns and preferred names. And also, the sooner the person can feel validated and accepted, which is the most important thing!

The other night we went to a wedding reception of an old friend that hubby and I both went to school with. Our youngest was the only one that went with us. I meant to talk to my husband about how to introduce them, but it didn’t happen.

My heart almost burst when he introduced them as his son Bradley, without a beat.

Not my trans son (or my daughter), not this is Bradley that used to be Melanie. This is something he once said he would never do. Happy tears. 😭


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