I have a paper printed out for Dr. Visits, etc. for Bradley (basically a request for preferred name and pronouns). I turned in the paper with our insurance and other info.

We waited about 10 minutes.

They called out the birth name. I gently corrected her. She apologized and said she didn’t understand which name to call by looking at the sheet (not my paper). No problem.

5 minutes later, there’s a knock on the door. The manager (?) asked the nurse (P/A?) if she could read this and handed her the paper. She was pretty rude and basically yelled at the lady and told her HIS name is Bradley and his pronouns are HE! She apologized that the wrong name was used and that one of the girls up front was in tears over it. She told me to let me know if there were any other issues.

Yikes! I felt bad for the lady. I told her they didn’t need to yell at her like that in front of us (after the other lady left). She was really cool and ended up in tears, telling us she accepts Bradley as they are and that if she didn’t accept him, she wouldn’t accept half her family. She said she’s so glad it’s 2017 and that Bradley can be his true self. She said she tries to teach her kids to be accepting with LBGT people. She even hugged us. She apologized again, but she didn’t need to. She also asked Bradley about their name and how cool it was to be able to choose your own name.

She also said she thought he was courageous. We were all crying!

Everyone else who came in used the name Bradley and the doctor even referred to him as my son. Overall, it was a great experience. I really like the people there. We’ve been there twice, but this was Bradley’s first time.


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