I’m so sorry this is so late. 😕 Things got really busy between Christmas and March. I also started another blog last week that’s about our whole family and me letting my inner dork out, having fun and being silly at times. (Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you the link)

As Christmas approached, Bradley started to get anxiety. He refused to open any presents that didn’t have his new name on it. I kindly reminded everyone (through our Bradley update FB page) to please put the new name on the gifts and crossed my fingers.

I told Bradley that he could bring his own labels with his name on them and he could always slap them on if someone messed up.

Everyone did great though! I was above and beyond impressed and proud of our families. Even Grandma who hadn’t been around our situation much was very good with the new name and pronouns, even got Bradley boy pajamas and a boy teddy bear. (Each grandchild gets a bear and jammies each year) She even assured Bradley that she loved him no matter what.

Even those still struggling with the new name and pronouns, made an extra effort for Christmas. (And seems to be good since) It really made it an awesome Christmas for Bradley and for Mom. 😊 I didn’t have to be in protect and correct mode. That’s true, unconditional love! ❤️ And what better time to experience that than Christmas.


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